Outside.in — Find news from the places and neighborhoods you care about got VC funding

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What Company Is Offering:

Outside.in is a hyperlocal news platform. It helps you find news from the places and neighborhoods you care about. Hyperlocal means news and information on a more smaller and unoticed level than traditional media provides. Previously, most “local” sites didn’t actually get more, well, local than cities or towns. They assumed that just because you live in a specific city or town you are looking for the same news as everyone else. Hyperlocal content gives you the news and information for the area right around where you are, like the block around your office or the neighborhood where you live

Why To Use It:

Bloggers can use the maps, stats, and widgets from GeoToolkit to get traffic from Outside.in and their network of partner sites. Outside.in for Publishers allows publishers of all sizes to create customized, curated Neighborhood News Pages, maps, and headline widgets for their site.

How Much They Got From VC Funding:

It has got $7 million B round of VC funding which is led by Union Square Ventures and including CNN Worldwide, one of the world’s most respected and trusted sources for news and information as a strategic investor.

How This Company Is Progressing:

Outside.in network has grown to nearly six million monthly unique visitors .It is used by more than four thousand local bloggers for geo-tagging ,mapping tools and its distribution service.It is also used by more than one hundred media partners.

More at:http://outside.in/

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