Chacha is a kind of expert adviser for you to get an answer on your mobile instantly got VC funding

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What Company Is Offering:

Chacha is a kind of expert adviser for you .You just simply ask your question from your mobile phone as if you were talking to a smart friend.It’ll instantly route your question to the most knowledgeable person on that topic in their Guide community.Your answer is then returned to your phone as a text message within a few minutes.

How It Works:

ChaCha attempts to determine where their consumers are when they ask a question. It will use this information to aggregate data and to make sure you are matched to the most qualified Guide who is knowledgeable on specific local information. This will give their Guides another tool so they can answer your local questions as accurately as possible.

How Much They Got From VC Funding:

It has got $7 million from undisclosed lenders now with this VC funding its total funding reached to $69 million.

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