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What Company Is Offering:

Syncplicity backs up all your files, keeps them synced and up-to-date across all your computers and computers of people you’ve shared them with, allows you and your friends to access them online (even if your computers are turned off), and can even sync them with Facebook and Google Docs.

So now gone those days when we use to worry about copying, burning, emailing, uploading, downloading, and especially losing your files are now nothing more than a distant memory.

How It Works:

Before Syncplicity syncs anything, it looks over all the files in your folders to learn a bit about them. If it sees the same files on both computers, it will do nothing – its job is done! If it finds files that exist on one computer but not the other, it will synchronize them. And finally, if it finds files that have the same name but different contents, it will consider them conflicted and resolve the problem using its mechanism.

Syncplicity also continuously and instantaneously backs up your computer, keeps previous versions of your files, and stores those you’ve deleted, as well, just in case you want to get them back. You’ll have 24×7 access to all your folders on your My Syncplicity page, even if your computer is turned off or disconnected from the Internet. And sharing folders with photos or work documents (you pick) with friends or colleagues will be a snap.

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