Spaced education –Learning For Mobile,Social World Never Seen Before

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Spaced education –Learning For Mobile,Social World Never Seen Before

What Company Is Offering:

spaceded-logo-b-160Spaced education is a new era in chapter of learning for mobile,social world.It is method of online education delivered by SpacedEd that has been shown in randomized trials to improve learning and boost knowledge retention. Spaced education combines two core psychology research findings: the spacing effect and the testing effect. Learners ranging from students to professionals find spaced education to be quick, effective, enjoyable, and addictive. SpacedEd courses are constructed as a series of questions and answers which are delivered to you on a regular schedule. As you answer the questions and learn from the answers, the spacing and content of future questions are adapted to your knowledge level. Over time, the course material is reinforced until you master and remember it.

How It Works:

The spaced education methodology is content-neutral and thus can be utilized to learn most anything. Potential applications range from teaching chemistry concepts to high school students to reinforcing Arabic language skills among health workers in the Middle East. It can also be used to reinforce educational material which was initially presented in the classroom. The full multi-media capabilities of the Internet can be harnessed to create a rich and effective learning experience. Spaced education combines the educational benefits of both the spacing and testing effects. Course material is delivered electronically to learners at regular intervals in a test-question format. Upon submitting answers to questions, learners receive immediate feedback and educational material on that topic. The course material is then reinforced over spaced intervals to take advantage of the spacing effect. The delivery intervals, the spacing intervals and the number of reinforcements can be personalized to meet the specific needs of the learners.

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