Poken is your social business card with a difference…………….

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Poken is your social business card with a difference…………….


What Company Is Offering:

Poken is a tool for social networking that can be used across many social networking platforms.Poken will simply tie into any one of your social networking accounts and make it easier for you to connect with new people, by letting you connect immediately when you are physically in their presence. Poken want to reduce the problems of having to search for new friends later, when you’re sitting in front of your computer. your time is better spent socializing in the real world, or using great tools online to improve your social life.

How Is It Different:

Poken is your social business card. Scrap the paper business card! your poken card is far more comprehensive. Rather than handing out a piece of paper that shares just your basic contact information such as company, address, phone, and email, with poken you can include your social network profiles as well. when you associate a social network to your Poken identity that social network’s favicon appears on your poken card. if you are connected to your friend on that social network, then they can click the favicon link to instantly view your social network profile. If you opt not to be connected on that social network, then they will simply see the public-search version of your profile.It record the time at which you connect to people and since you’re connecting in the real world, it’s a valuable piece of information that lets you view your networking chronologically so when you’re wondering what’s-the-name-of-the-person-you-met-two-weeks-ago-when-you-were-with-bob-at-his-cousin’s-party, instead of tediously going through your whole alphabetical list of contacts, you can simply “scroll back” to see who that person was.

More at:http://www.poken.com/

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