No need to create multiple passwords

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No need to create multiple passwords

If we use different account then we have to create multiple username and passwords like if you’re a Gmail user then you use to got an invitation to use Plaxo or Facebook, first you were asked to perform the process of creating a new account with yet another password, and then you might also have been asked to provide the password of your email account so Plaxo or Facebook could look up the list of your friends. With hybrid onboarding, if you click on such an invitation in your Gmail, you’ll see a page like one of these:

Clicking the large button on the Plaxo page takes you to a page at Google like this:

If you give consent to share a few pieces of information, you are sent back to Plaxo with all key registration steps finished.

The registration process used to involve more than 10 steps, including requiring you to find one of those “email validation” messages in your inbox. If you’ve followed the steps above, you can now sign into Plaxo more easily — by simply clicking a button.

Now like Plaxo other companies also started to follow. Facebook are starting to use the same model and to recognize its business value potential. Hybrid onboarding is also being used by Enterprise Software-as-a-Service vendors — such as ZoHo — that want to eliminate the need for employees at their customers’ businesses to create another password.

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