Nincha is a place for everyone to share stuff

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What Company Is Offering:

Nincha is a place for everyone to share stuff. With Nincha, you can share, explore, and access a world of stuff in a easy and useful way. This means everything from text to images, events, bookmarks, business cards, polls, recipes, reviews, and more – if something can be shared online, Nincha is the place to do it.

How It Works:

It’s where all the shared stuff in the world should live.Nincha is not only for sharing, accessing, and exploring stuff, but it’s a great tool to manage all your stuff and keep up with friends as well. Whenever you share anything, it gets put into your “Dashboard”. The dashboard gives you power and a nice overview of everything you and the people you follow share.
If you are worried about the privacy of your Nincha, you can set it to private by pressing “make private” in the Options. By doing so, it will be delisted from your userpage, Browse section, homepage, and search results. This also means that Google most likely will not index it, and it will be hidden from the public view of the site (although, it will be visible to anyone with whom you share the link — do note that it’s the link that is private, not the page itself.) If you find yourself setting this option multiple times, you might want to consider changing your default share setting to “Private” under Settings->Defaults. This way, all Ninchas created under your username will be private.

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