Share Tools And Equipment On NeighborGoods And Earn Money

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Share Tools And Equipment On NeighborGoods And Earn Money

What Company Is Offering:

logo_full_simpleNeighborGoods is the new site for helping each other by lending tools and equipment and doing this you can earn money too. It is a online community where you can save and earn money by sharing stuff with your neighbors. Suppose you have a bike of no use just collecting dust in your garage. You can earn some extra cash by renting it out thats simple.

How It Works:

First you have to join neighborGoods as a members after that you can borrow, lend, rent, sell and buy stuff from their neighbors, saving money and getting more value out of the items they already own.

When you add an item to the NeighborGoods inventory, you choose how to share it with the community. You can allow your friends to borrow the item for free and charge others a rental fee. Or you can decide to make the item only available to friends. Its your stuff, so you set the rules.
NeighborGoods helps facilitate transactions with a reservation calendar, automated reminders, wishlist alerts, and private messaging between neighbors. NeighborGoods keeps track of all your stuff.

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