Innoget is an online portal for Open Innovation

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Innoget is an online portal for Open Innovation

What Company Is Offering:

innoget-betaInnoget is an online portal for Open Innovation through which companies and research partners ,organizations and individuals, such as research centers, scientists, university researchers and technology companies from around the world interact to develop and share R&DD projects and innovations. The aim is to create a spacefor collaboration and connection between these groups, where each user participates by choosing its role: Open Company or Research Partner.

How It Works:

Research Partners develop and submit their proposals to solve Challenges posted by international companies from different industrial sectors. If the submitted proposal is selected by the company, you will have the opportunity to start a collaborative project and/or establish a business relationship with that company.
Research Partners find companies willing to get ideas, patents, products and / or technologies related to their areas of activity and knowledge. These companies will invite you to send them (Innoget name them inventions) through their IBox-in. Once received and analyzed, companies will contact you whenever your invention has a potential application in their products.Research Partners find companies willing to promote their innovations (patents, innovative products and services and/or innovative technologies). You only have to access its technology offers’portfolio posted at its Innovation Box-out (IBox-out) and contact the company’s representative listed in the IBox if you are interested in establishing a collaborative and/or business relationship.

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