Innoget is a new online website for Open Innovation

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What Company Is Offering:

Innoget is a new online website for Open Innovation through which companies and Research Partners (organizations and individuals, such as research centers, scientists, university researchers and technology companies) from around the world interact to develop and share R&D projects and innovations.The aim is to create a space for collaboration and connection between these groups, where each user participates by choosing its role: Open Company or Research Partner.

How It Works :

Innoget allows R&D and innovation departments of international companies to get solutions to their technology needs by posting Challenges .Its service is free.Organizations can also get innovation related to their business activities by posting an IBox-in as well as promote their technology portfolio by posting an IBox-out.

Seeker organizations post their Challenges in Innoget`s Challenge Marketplace.Research Partners prepare and submit their proposals for solution. A company’s representative will contact those Research Partners whose proposals meet the requirements of the Challenge with the aim to establish a collaborative project.
Seeker organizations willing to set up a technology watch system to get innovation from external organizations post their IBox-in at Innoget’s IBox Marketplace. Research Partners can send technologies and products related to what the company is looking for. A company’s representative will contact Research Partners whose technologies have potential application in their products.

Seeker organizations willing to promote their innovation portfolio (patents, innovative technologies and innovative services) post their IBox-out at Innoget’sIBox Marketplace. Research Partners being interested in any technology offer will contact the company’s representative to establish a partnership and/or trading agreement.

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