Google’s New Innovation In Ads Format

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Google’s New Innovation In Ads Format

Google is always coming with new ideas to make our online life more exciting.It is coming with richer types of information in the ads. If you’re looking to buy your daughter a new handbag for the holidays, for instance, you might want to see pictures, prices, the addresses of boutiques in your area and a map of how to get there — all within the ad.To provide a better search ads experience, Google is developing and testing a variety of new ad formats. These formats are focused on giving you the information you need, while retaining what you love about Google advertising: that the ads are relevant and useful.
Suppose, if you’re keen to explore about the movies that are playing this holiday season, you might see an ad with a video that lets you watch a trailer.

You might also see an ad with more links so you can quickly find a specific page in an advertiser’s website. If you’re researching airfare to visit your relatives for the holidays, it saves time to go directly to Priceline’s page about booking flights, rather than the general homepage or rental car page.


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