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What Company Is Offering:

A place where wooters can share the latest intel about what’s cheap and where. A way for savvy, opinionated wooters to turn their rhetorical fire on everybody else’s deals for a change. An ever-flowing fountain of ecommerce champagne.

How It Works:

If you want to discover an amazing deal, or tell the world about one you found, or just talk specs and prices with your fellow cheapskates, Deals.Woot is your playground. The easiest or most passive way to find deals is to simply view the front page of Deals.Woot as items appear on the Popular tab, the default view of this section. Every 10 minutes or so, it scan all deals looking for signs of activity that represent a certain deal is getting a lot of positive attention. When a deal or multiple deals meet an activity threshold, they appear under the Popular tab on the front page of Deals.Woot.

The Fresh tab is used to discover deals within their first 72 hours after entry, as sorted by Age, Votes, or Comments. By expressing your opinion via Votes, Comments, and Tattles you can help improve the platform’s accuracy as to what deals make the popular tab. With enough activity within 72 hours after being posted, a good deal will become popular, benefiting the lazy bums who only watch that tab. And they’ll probably never even thank you.

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