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What Company Is Offering:

BookingBug is a new service for business organization to help your business find new customers. And for that you want to get information about your business in front of where your customers might be looking on the internet. BookingBug does this by working with other websites to show live information about your business and its services within their sites. This process of placing live, dynamic information about your business and its services is called ‘embedding’, and the bit of data it embed is called a ‘widget’. This widget might take form as your calendar or a list of events, whatever you design it to be.

How It Works:

BookingBug is designed to suit a very wide range of service businesses. Anything time based, whether it’s classes, courses, events, hour/minute services, day or week bookings can be managed with BookingBug. You can just manage simple enquiries if you want, or you can use all of its capabilities to take complicated bookings and payments in a way that suits your business.
In other words,BookingBug in an embeddable, hosted booking and reservation system for businesses that wish to show availability or take bookings and enquiries on-line.BookingBug works in such a way that you only pay for what you use – rather than pre-charge you for services you might not need. This means the price per month might vary based on usage, such as if you sent many text messages to clients for example.

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