Zakta is a personal and social Web search engine where you can find, personalize, share and discover information from the Internet

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What Company Is Offering:

Zakta is a personal and social Web search engine where you can find, personalize, share and discover information from the Internet.
Zakta is no ordinary search engine. Zakta gets smarter with each search and each user interaction, and as a Zakta user, you benefit from a system that improves its results continuously.
Zakta takes the guesswork out of searching for information on the Internet. As a Web search and discovery for you and people you trust, Zakta helps you find exactly what you are searching for.

How It Works:

Find: Benefit from smarter, organized search results tailored to your specific query. Zakta organizes search results into sections to make it easier to find what you want, and it automatically suggests related topics to explore. Zakta uses built-in knowledge of more than 3-million informational topics and about 100 categories to better organize your search results. For example, if you search for a drug, Zakta will bring you results on How it works, Dosage, Side Effects and more. If you search for a video game, Zakta will bring you results on Plot, Characters, Reviews and more.

Personalize: Edit your search results to keep only what you want and how you want it .Zakta gives you a full suite of tools to personalize your search results .You can delete results you don’t like and put results in any order you want by simply dragging and dropping them
You can classify, tag and annotate any result that you wish to keep
You can also save results into your personal ClipPad for use later .

Share: Publish and share what you’ve found with others in the form of Zakta Guides .Beyond making your search results personally relevant and organized, Zakta enables you to share what you find in the form of Zakta Guides. You can create a Zakta Guide from the process of searching, or create it from scratch using the interactive Zakta Guide .

Editor .You can invite other people to collaborate with you in creating or enhancing your Zakta Guides .You can also let any member of Zakta add their findings to your Guides .

Discover: Connect with friends and experts you trust, and discover information they recommend .

On Zakta, you can engage even deeper with the growing community of Zakta members by connecting to people you trust in specific interest areas, and letting others connect to you in turn. This can include friends as well as experts.

By connecting to other people, you can automatically discover what they find interesting on the Web in your interest areas. In turn, you too can use the Recommend feature present throughout Zakta to give a thumbs-up to what you like, and that information is relayed automatically to all those who trust you. For example, if you have a friend you trust who’s an expert on cars, you can automatically be notified about automotive information on the Web that he/she recommends .

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