Ez.com is to perfect URL shortener for business

By Rile at October 23, 2009 | 9:35 pm | Print

What Company Is Offering:

Ez.com is to perfect URL shortener for business. Most of the other services either provide just simple click counts or they are more of a social site like Digg. What they lack is the goal of providing real click intelligence that small businesses need.

How Is It Different:

Hundreds of other shorteners do one thing – they shorten URLs. For a lot of folks, that is all they need. Businesses who are investing time, money, and energy into social media, conversational marketing, and one-to-one sales need more than a short link. They need their own domain, multiple user accounts, and real-time statistics. They need to know what is happening across their entire organization, not just with a single Twitter account or in one division.With a personal account, you can keep track of all the Ez.coms you create and see advanced statistics (depending on your plan type). With the toolbar link, new Ez.coms you create will be added to your personal account. Additional statistics are available also with a personal account.

More at:http://ez.com/

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