TxtNinja—-You can hide email, text or domain from search engines

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What Company Is Offering:

TxtNinja is the perfect tool for anyone.By using textninja you can hide email,text or domain from search engine. There is no hard and fast rule as to how you should use TxtNinja; you’re free to use it in any and every way you can think of.

Why To Use It:

If you need to give out your email over the internet and use simple plain text, spam bots or email harvesters will pick up your email and your inbox will be home to thousands of spam messages. The simplest way would be to use TxtNinja, where your email address will be known to humans and will go undetected by bots.
There are times when you need to send sensitive information, like a password, code or address over MSN or some other messaging client. If you send it in plain text, your information will be available in plain view for the snoopers. Also, if you have the habit of saving conversations, the information would then be stored for years (YEARS) to come; on the other hand, if you just drop and paste the TxtNinja image into your conversation, the sensitive information will only be available to the friend/client on the other side. MSN does not store images in conversation records, so that’s one less worry for you.

More at:http://www.txtninja.com/

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