is the world’s first and only price search engine to operate in real-time

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What Company Is Offering: is the world’s first and only price search engine to operate in real-time. This innovative price search engine helps you to find the most up-to-date and lowest price for your desired product in just a few seconds – and in real-time. For every single search request, searches through over 65 million products on the internet amongst more than 10,000 affiliated shops, and offers you a comprehensive and up-to-the minute overview of all available product offers. Online buyers can be immediately assured that they have the very latest prices, and they can even benefit from price fluctuations during the day – a technologically unique service that is available only from

How It Works:

At, they offer anything from A for Apple iPod to Z for Zippo lighters. Every product that is available online across the areas of TV, video, photography, HiFi and audio to computer/multimedia, household and gardening, leisure time activities, fashion and many more, can be accessed directly in real-time. will find the prices without any time delay for anything that you can buy online. A detailed breakdown of product information and an extremely simple, flexible and quick search function for products form part of the standard solutions of its platform.

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