Kronog is a real-time popularity engine

By Rile at August 27, 2009 | 8:43 pm | Print

What Company Is Offering:

Kronog is a real-time popularity engine. It tracks new postings of thousands of top blogs and measures how they being received by blog users. It sounds like another blog search engine or meta blog engine but the key difference is in its ranking system. Kronog ranking system is not a relevancy engine but a popularity engine.

How It Works:

It monitors the popularity of blog article by monitoring the user feedback in the original blog site. Comment is one of user feedback that can give fast and accurate popularity score. By counting total number of comments and watching their interval, it is possible to get good sense of the size and intensity of people’s attention an article is drawing. As a result, Kronog is fast and accurate in telling which article is taking people’s attention and becoming popular. It helps you to find the article that you would be most interested.

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