Fanfeedr is a real-time personalized sports feed

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What Company Is Offering:

Fanfeedr is a real-time personalized sports feed. Pick your favorite teams and players, and they will give you the most-up-to-date collection of news, video, tweets, scores and information about them.

It use Facebook for login, because they know you don’t want to sign up for another social network, and that means that you sign up in just three mouse clicks. It also means that you talk about your favorite sports material directly on Facebook, simply by publishing your comments using the ‘Comment’ feature on every page.

How It Works:

The site offers a search front and center which allows you to find the team, player or piece of news that interests you. The search results page offers a variety of info including last night’s score , filters for refining the search results, along with content from news, videos, blogs, etc. When you click a link, FanFeedr loads a frame which includes a footer and you should already know I am not a fan of framing content.

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