The Brand Lover Model –Building a brand model around the humanistic needs

By Rile at July 2, 2009 | 12:18 am | Print

What Company Is Offering:

The Brand Lover Model (BLM) deciphers the code to customer loyalty by building a brand model around the humanistic needs of your best customers.

Using trademark qualitative and quantitative methods, the Model uncovers the conscious and unconscious psychological motivators of your best customers—how they think, feel, and relate to your brand. These insights will help you create better communication strategies, develop more effective products, and attract more profitable customers.

How It Works:

Your Brand Lover Model highlights the core emotional outcomes your Brand Lover receives by interacting with you. To discover the emotional outcomes, it analyze the hidden biological, archetypal, and cultural drivers behind your brand through the lens of your best customers. The Brand Lover Model provides the emotional patterns that transcend demographic and psychographic data about a customer base and underscores the unifying qualities all of your Brand Lovers share.

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