Forvo is an online pronouncing dictionary

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Forvo is an online pronouncing dictionary

What Company Is Offering:

forvoForvo is an online pronouncing dictionary. They have all the words that exist in the world pronounced and recorded, including names. It mean that almost every word is allowed, including bad words. They think that it´s not the word what´s wrong but the way of saying or context that makes a word removable. Anyway, words are limited to 40 characters. Onomatopoeias, shouting and so are not allowed.

Bad words are not forbidden as long as they were politely pronounced and they appeared in well-known dictionaries.

How It Works:

You can do it anonymously or with your username. If you add words with your username you will get more features at, like tracking your words or notifications.
In certain cases, depending of the language, some of them are not allowed for anonymous users.

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