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What Company Is Offering:

Youniverse, is  the new  social discovery website, which defines its users’ VisualDNA. It is enabling them to learn more about themselves and connect to people that share their interests,

Recent Updates:

Users can discover more about their individual Visual DNA, simply by taking part in a simple picture based personality quiz.

How It Works:

The concept of VisualDNA allows users to discover more about what their emotional response to images. Users are able to build their VisualDNA on Youniverse by responding to insightful, fun, image-based questionnaires, profiling each user’s interests, aspirations, motivations and personality based on their image selections. Youniverse has worked with a leading occupational psychologist to develop a highly complex advanced love test which covers six key life areas, including: emotions, intellect, dynamism, skills, optimism and context.

When each of these key areas come together in the form of Visual DNA, they offer comprehensive, highly tailored feedback, with suggestions for career development and strives to help Youniverse users make more informed choices in their everyday lives.

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