Vitalstracker — Tracking Your Health Data

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Vitalstracker — Tracking Your Health Data

What Company Is Offering:

logo_left3Vitalstracker is for those who are constantly worried about their health and fitness. It is a new online tool that allows you to enter and store your health data such as: your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, daily temperature for those who are ovulating, surgical drain outputs, etc. Vitalstracker also allows you to keep your medications as well as your doctor’s name and contact numbers in a safe place.

How It Works:

For subscribers, the data is kept indefinitely. Also as a subscriber, you will be able to copy, save, and print your graph for free at any time. Similarly, sending your graph via email in a pdf format is also free of charge. The annual subscription rate is $49.95. In addition, subscribers will receive a monthly email newsletters full of health tips and health related news.For non-subscribers, the data is kept for 30 days. You will be able to review your data for the last thirty days and view the data in a graph. If you wish to copy, save, or print the graph, you can do so for $5. If you wish to send the graph in a pdf format to your caregiver or loved one, you can do so for $5.

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