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What Company Is Offering:

It is a business rating site that is community-oriented with a simple interface and easy navigation.Tinkn provides a reliable medium to find the service you are looking for quickly and to help others by sharing your own personal experiences.

How It Works:

Tinkn helps you to feel confident about the decisions you are making on services that touch your loved ones.Tinkn can help you to set up your business in multiple cities. Just email them your original listing and a list of the additional cities in which you want your business to appear.
If your business is listed on tinkn.com and you want to do something to try and improve your score, just have your customers or patients submit more reviews! If they are positive reviews your score will rise. You need to make sure to keep the reviews coming though–the longer you go without a review the more likely it is that your score will drop.

More at:http://www.tinkn.com/

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    Thanks for your comment.I”ll check yr site as well..

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