TenderWarehouse which allows customers to contact contractors with offers of work

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What Company Is Offering:

TenderWarehouse is an easy-to-use tool which allows customers to contact contractors with offers of work. By posting a job of work, called a “Tender”, on the website, customers can sit back and wait for contractors to make contact.

Contractors make an offer for the work being offered via the website. As more than one contractor may wish to carry out the work, there may be several bids for the Tender. It is then up to the customer to choose which bid they prefer.

How It Works:

As a customer you can post “Tenders” (listings of work you need done) quickly, easily and free of charge. A summary description of your job will be sent to contractors in your area and will appear in any searches they make through the TenderWarehouse website. You will then receive offers from contractors, via the website, and you will be able to choose the best offer, based on factors such as price, reliability, experience etc. You are always able to refuse any offer – there is no commitment. If none of the offers you receive are satisfactory, you are under no obligation to choose one.

TenderWarehouse also provides a ratings system that allows you to rate the contractors you have used, as well as view the ratings that potential contractors have received from other TenderWarehouse members.

As a contractor, you are able to browse the Tender (job of work) listings by description categories. TenderWarehouse also provides a search function that will provide more specific results.

You can also set your preferences so that the website will email you new Tender listings that are within your field of expertise or local area.

More at:http://www.tenderwarehouse.com/

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