Rinck Advertising Launches Green Mobile Marketing

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Rinck Advertising Launches Green Mobile Marketing

What Company Is Offering:

marketinggreen_thumb2Rinck Advertising is for marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations . Rinck Advertising offers services like branding strategy and tactics… television, radio, print ads… public relations, media relations, Web… direct response, direct marketing, promotions, sweepstakes and contests… media strategy, mobile marketing, buzz.

Recent Updates:

Rinck Advertising will launch its eco-friendly “Brand Buggies” next week on June 7 at the Old Port Festival in Portland, Maine.
The eye-catching vehicles are alternative-energy urban transport system that are powered by human drivers and produce zero emissions. Each vehicle is custom branded and carries up to three passengers.

Rinck Advertising Launches Green Mobile Marketing in Maine
Rinck designed colorful, branded wraps for the three-wheeled vehicles that will become a major element in the McDonald’s UpTeam® street teams this summer. The vehicles feature a full seat in the rear for passengers, bicycle pedals and headlights.

The Brand Buggies are designed to be mobile spectacles that are fun and attention-grabbing but also environmentally responsible.They launched the McDonald’s® Buggies last week in Bangor and the response was amazing. They are a blast to ride in and they also provide an opportunity for one-on-one brand conversations.

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