LookStat is to track your online sales at multiple sites

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LookStat is  to track your online sales at multiple sites

What Company Is Offering:

logooooooooooLookStat is a web-site that makes it easy for you to track your online sales at multiple sites. By image. Automatically.

How It Works:

The system obtains your transaction history, matches images across sites and then continuously updates your sales data. In the beta release they’re focused on sales tracking, but it’ll rapidly add support for other features. Ultimately, its goal is to help contributors monitor their online portfolios and help them identify areas of opportunity for increasing their earnings.

How Is It Different:

LookStat is the only service in the market that gives you your stats across all, supported, sites for all of your images, illustrations, and footage. In addition, it match images across sites. Therefore, you can view your sales by image over time from a single location. It also normalize your data across all sites so you can get a true measure of each images performance.

The individual sites will tell you your sales at that particular site but there’s no good way to get a comprehensive view without a lot of manual number crunching.

More at:https://www.lookstat.com/

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    good obeservation!

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