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What Company Is Offering:

It will allow users to post jobs with a set price and try and connect them with other people who are willing to do the job for that price, this helps out those who aren’t as fortunate as others or are wanting to save money. There are a number of benefits to both the job poster and the the person who offers to do the job.

How It Works:

For the job poster they get responses fast and can choose who they want out of the offers by looking at past job feedback or that users profile information. The benefit for the person who offers to do the job is obviously financial, but the other key reward is the ability for that person to build their own business and reputation. This is great for people just starting their business and who are looking for leads. Their reputation rises and soon enough word of mouth starts to kick into action. Here’s how the site works from both sides of the fence, all using just the one free account.

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