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What Company Is Offering: is new fantasy tennis site . This site for those who are a fantasy game lover.This fantasy tennis site will increase your love for tennis and it is fun for both experienced and new tennis fans. With Wimbledon just round the corner . It is great time to plunge in that kind of fantasy tennis game .You can start your own fantasy tennis team and bulid fan followings.

How It Works:

Before the tournament starts, players create a team of eight male and female singles players who they think will do well in the tournament. They also predict the tournament finalists and the winner. Then, starting with the fourth round, players predict the winner of each match before it begins. Players gain or lose points depending on how far their team advances and the outcome of the matches they predict. The website sends email reminders about selecting winners and a daily email with current results and point totals.

Each of the four grand slam tournaments is a self contained fantasy event – there is no need to manage a team throughout the year and everyone starts at zero before the grand slam begins. The site also has a forum where fans discuss matches and players throughout the tournament.

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