Flippa is an online auction house for the individual sale of web sites and domain names

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What Company Is Offering:

Flippa is the leading marketplace for websites.Flippa is an online auction house for the individual sale of web sites and domain names. Buying something on Flippa, then, means participating in an auction.

How It Works:

As a buyer, you get to choose from the widest range of established web sites, with comprehensive information about the business helping you to make the correct decision with confidence.

As a seller, you have access to a huge crowd of interested and informed buyers keen to bid good prices for premium product. The hard work you’ve invested in building your business will be rewarded.

To buy a site or domain that is advertised for sale on Flippa, you must place a bid on that item.

If your bid is accepted by the seller, if it meets the reserve price set by the seller, and if your bid has the highest dollar value of all accepted bids at the end of the auction, you are declared the winner and are legally bound to purchase that item from the seller at the price indicated by your winning bid.

When you win an auction, Flippa will send you an email with the seller’s contact details. The details of how you pay the seller and how you will receive the item you have purchased are up to you to negotiate. Flippa recommends that you work out these details with the seller before bidding.

More at:http://flippa.com/

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