Nonoba is a gaming community where you can earn

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What Company Is Iffering:

Nonoba is a gaming community where you can play games with your friends and compete for scores and honor. You can chat and discuss and rate the various games with other players.

Nonoba is also a community for flash developers where you can upload your games so that others can play them and rate them and share them. You can get together with other developers, and discuss and share ideas and tips and tricks about developing games.

How It Works:

Go to your home page and click the upload link under “Your Games”, or click here.

Apart from the actual flash file of the game, you are also required to type in a title or name of the game, a description of it, some information on how to play, and an icon for the game. The icon works just like the avatars do for users and will be displayed in all lists of games. Optionally, you can add a background image which will be displayed behind your game while playing it, and a screenshot that shows the gameplay.

You must first integrate the Nonoba API with your game and use that to submit scores for users. To set up score lists, go to the edit page for your game and click the Highscores tab to get more instructions.

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