Kazowie is a social shopping tool to shop online

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Kazowie is a social shopping tool to shop online

What Company Is Offering:

Kazowie is a social shopping tool to shop online. Here you can put all the things you want in one place, share your good taste with like-minded people, rate and review items, discover people who share your interests, find the latest and most interesting products through polls and recommendations, and get the lowest price on anything you want.

How It Works:

Create a wishlist for any occasion.A wishlist can be created for any event — whether it’s your birthday, your graduation, or your best friend’s baby shower. Create lists by grabbing items from other people’s lists or let Kazowie do the work for you by adding products with the *Kazowie! browser tools or submitting the product’s URL.
Keep track of items that catch your eye.Kazowie! provides a central location for items that catch your eye while you’re researching and looking across various online stores. You can save the product’s image, description, price, and other relevant information that you want to remember to Kazowie.

More at:http://kazowie.com/


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