Harmoniker is a new search engine for human

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Harmoniker is a new search engine for human

What Company Is Offering:

usernetworkHarmoniker is a new search engine for human.It is forfinding and communicating with people who are just like you. You simply tell Harmoniker what things you like and how much you like them. It then matches you with other people that have the most things in common!

You can also enter details of the social networks that you use. This lets your matches find you on those networks – and you can find them too!

The important thing is that there are no “friend lists”, “invites”, “rooms”, “forums” or “threads” in Harmoniker, just a smooth blend from one person to the next.

How It Works:

You don’t need to worry about finding or following other people or managing a list of friends. Harmoniker instantly gives you a list of people who share many or even ALL of your interests!

The Harmoniker Homepage shows you all your information at a glance. Set up your Categories and Social Networking details from here. Once you’ve updated your Categories, Harmoniker will match you with thousands of other people and you can see the results here too!
Once you’ve added your categories, rate them from 1 to 10 (10 showing that you are very interested in the category). They give you 30 rating points for free, which should be enough for most people to choose and rate enough categories to describe themselves.

More at:http://www.harmoniker.com/

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