Bootcamp Media lets advertisers and web publishers hit their campaign targets every time

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What Company Is Offering:

Bootcamp Media is a online ad network that lets advertisers and web publishers hit their campaign targets every time.

With a global distribution platform covering dozens of content channels and major brand names, Bootcamp Media can tailor campaigns to fit all budgets and market goals.

And with precision reporting and custom anti-fraud technology, Bootcamp Media will deliver the highest ROI possible.

How It Works:

Whether you want to access web users in your own community, or you need truly global reach in order to promote your brand, Bootcamp Media provides targeted solutions for your online advertising campaign.
At Bootcamp Media, there is a price for every advertiser – and every campaign goal.
Its advertisers enjoy flexible rates thanks to its auction system for purchasing web traffic – with no minimum budget required. They can tailor your campaign to fit most conventional pricing models, and provide custom traffic generating opportunities for clients with special needs.

Whether you’re a part-time blogger or run a network of websites featuring high-quality original content, Bootcamp Media can provide custom advertising inventory that suits your niche.

Bootcamp guarantees 100% inventory fill – which means you get paid for every ad impression.

Bootcamp works with top brand names to deliver exclusive advertising offers to our publishers’ sites. At the same time, you have the flexibility to mix in your own ads or work with other ad networks.

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