60 Second Online University for business people

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60 Second Online University  for business people

What Company Is Offering:

44460 Second Online University is a Web site tailormade for those people who are in any kind of business whether in small or mid-sized companies and who want to stay informed on the latest business happenings, ideas,tools,tips, and trends .

It has a seminar library on the latest skills in business. Topics like “How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Sales and Revenue.”

How It Works:

Once you buy your seminar, you’ll be sent a confirmation email. Just scroll down on the confirmation email and click the blue underlined text that identifies your seminar and says “click here to watch your seminar.”
You can watch the seminar as many times as you’d like over the course of 21 days. You can’t share the link with other computers, but you’re free to have others watch on your computer or you can project the seminar on a screen for a larger audience to view.

More at:http://www.60secondonlineuniversity.com/

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