Fotomoto is an e-commerce system specifically designed for photos

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What Company Is Offering:

Fotomoto is an e-commerce system specifically designed for photos. If you are a photographer or you operate a website with a big photo inventory, Fotomoto helps you monetize your photos and sell them in a professional way — on your own website. You will sell without any hassle. Fotomoto takes care of everything: processing orders right on your website, processing payments, making print (or other products based on your photo), and shipping it to the customers on your behalf. Our goal is to let photographers and content owners focus on their photography without worrying about the hassles of selling.

How It Works:

By adding one line of code to your site template you add the Fotomoto toolbar to your site. This toolbar analyzes your web pages, adds itself to each photo in the page, and enables viewers to buy the photo and pay for it right on your site, or send the photo as an e-card for free. Think of an advanced shopping cart that understands photos. It does everything automatically, you don’t have to do anything!

You can see its Toolbar on one of its customer sites: It appears below every photo. Using its control panel, you set the pricing and availability of the p hotos, manage your limited editions, see analytics data about your photos (such as how many times a photo has been viewed, or sent as an e-card), view and manage your orders, and more.
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