Tracx that will redefine the way people communicate and interact

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What Company Is Offering:
Tracx is leading a revolution in the analysis of influence of both individuals and groups, a revolution that will redefine the way people communicate and interact.Tracx’s People Rank, Attracx, ranks people according to various quantitative and qualitative parameters, analyzing activities in various social networks while putting an emphasis on “power users”, contacts and interactions.

How It Works:

By means of a friendly user interface Tracx can analyze your activities in the virtual social realm through various prisms: the people you are in touch with, the type and frequency of your interactions with these people, the popularity of the content you create and the recent activities concerning you.

The information and insight that Tracx provides its users helps you improve performance and conduct in the various social networks dependent on your target whether it be the distribution of information, gaining recognition as a leader in your field or enriching yourself.

Nowadays, when every action performed online shapes the Socialsphere, Tracx improves the community experience of the users by illuminating the leading web contributors as well as the most interesting content.

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