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What Company Is Offering:

SearchMyCampus is a campus and jobs classifieds website that serves basic student needs i.e. jobs, housing, coaching, gadgets, books, transport and events.It is an online extension of your campus noticeboard. Right now, everyone uses the noticeboard to put up advertisements about events happening around college, about stuff they want to sell, stuff they want to buy, services they offer, services they need etc. They have put all of that and more, online on one website.

How It Works:

Use it to post advertisements about anything you want to buy, anything you want to sell or an upcoming event that you want to tell people about!
All you have to do is log on to the website and select your university on the top, and then select a category from the left to see all the advertisements in the area near you. Search by keyword and filter the results by campus area or to find relevant postings in the area near you.

You can also post advertisements specifying what you need to buy or sell using the option on the right hand side of the site. Simply fill in the basic details about your service or product, and verify your e-mail address to have the advertisement posted on the site within minutes.

Publicize events by selecting the ‘post an event’ option on the right hand side of the screen. Fill in the details about your event, add a description, add photographs or images and verify your e-mail address to have it added to the events calendar on the right.

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