Newsguard 2.0–Unique Search Engine for Medical News

By Rile at April 23, 2009 | 9:44 pm | Print

What Company Is Offering:
Newsguard 2.0 is to provide members of the general public that want to stay in the know about a medical issue regarding themselves or one of their relatives with relevant news.
It will help the medical community stay up-to-date by sending them timely new information regarding professional issues that interest them most.

How It Works:
Its user enters a subject of his interest (e.g. diabetes or asthma), his email address and the alert frequency. Newsguard then actively tracks several of the most trustworthy medical news sources for news on that subject. Every time relevant news is found the user is informed by email and the webpage where the article is displayed can be visited with a simple mouse click.

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