MarketFriends is the premiere social network for independent traders

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What Company Is Offering:
MarketFriends is the premiere social network for independent traders on the internet, and an essential tool for any trader, of any financial market.
The vast reach of the MarketFriends community increases the depth and breadth of information available to independent traders. From doctors to carpenters to housewives, they have a diverse network of people from all walks of life. A tidbit of information communicated from a factory worker in an autoplant in South Korea, for example, might provide invaluable insight into the Korean automotive industry that a lawyer in New York City might have never otherwise discovered on his or her own. And the information is free!
The purpose of MarketFriends is to encourage better communication between independent traders of all financial markets, from all over the world.

How Is It Different:

There are thousands of sites on the web that publish stock quotes and research – but this site is different! Its primary focus is to promote interaction between members. Share your thoughts with others, and they will more likely share with you! Share your thoughts on our Message Boards and share your charts in its Technical Analysis Forum! Become part of a research team to delegate specific responsibilities to trusted members for more efficient research! Keep MarketFriends chat open on your screen while you trade for real-time information sharing that could potentially make or save you money!

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