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What Company Is Offering: is an online video search that improves the quality and process of searching for videos on the web. Its technology allows users to search, browse, navigate and discover videos from across the web, regardless of the source. Clipta’s friendliest video search engine has the technology to collect, organize, and deliver every video on the web and help users find exactly what they are looking for.

Why To Use It:

There will be over a billion videos on the internet, with millions more uploaded daily.
With such an overwhelming amount of videos, it seems impossible to find the videos users want.
Its brand new V-Rate system allows its users to find relevant videos that matter most to them. Unlike the standard rating systems that rate all videos by numbers only, V-Rate is different. Clipta’s V-Rate is a sophisticated algorithm focused on organizing and delivering the most related video content available on the Web. Its V-Rate system will provide videos based upon information collected from every aspect of user behavior, to generate the most desirable results. As a result, the videos you see first will be the most relevant to your search, and you no longer have to flip through hundreds of pages in order to be satisfied.

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