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What Company Is Offering:
The BeenVerified Identity and Credential Verification process is a patent pending system that starts by requiring all potential members to submit their credit card as part of the initial authentication process. Once they have confirmed that the person exists and is a real person, they then have them run through their Identity verification process which for US members is done by taking a 3 minute questionnaire with questions that only the holder of that credit card could possibly know. For international members, they are required to submit a substantial amount of documentation to authenticate them. They then run every potential member’s data through a 50-point risk based, scoring model that further decreases the likelihood of that user not being who they claim. Potential members who do not pass our margin of safety are not allowed into our system even if the possibility of them being who they claim is still likely.

How It Works:

They utilize their patent pending process to verify your identity, validate your credentials, and then help you present them to the world. Their sign up and verification process takes less than 5 minutes and is free for 6 months if you sign up before December 31st.
1.Sign up takes less than two minutes. You will first be allowed to choose your own personalized BeenVerified Profile Web Address. Then enter your personal information and credit card details which we will use as part of the identity verification process. We will NOT charge your credit card anything and simply request it as one of our many layers of security and verification.
2.After sign up, you will receive access to your BeenVerified Member Console. Members residing in the United States will have the ability to verify their identity through an automated questionnaire. Our international users are simply required to send physical documentation proving their identity. Once we have verified your identity you may start adding verified credentials to your profile.

How Is It Different:
A GetVerified request is better than a background check because it takes the liability, hassle, and cost of running a background check off of your shoulders. If the person you are hiring agrees to become a BeenVerified member, they are doing so voluntarily and on their own accord and using their own money to do so. Additionally, they also gain the benefit of having a BeenVerified account for life which can then be used by your business as a marketing tool. Instead of running the background check and never using it again, you turn it into a positive piece of marketing for your staff to present to potential clients and colleagues.
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