is for the reference to define the 2.0 in real life

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What Company is saying:
This site is the reference to define the 2.0 in real life.
What is “2.0″ for you ?
The Web has taken a step forward with the 2.0 patch few years ago, but it’s still in beta stage. Some sites have definitly patched their Web and thus are know to be 2.0. However, separating deprecated and 2.0 in everyday life can be quite difficult. That’s why was created, you will finally be able to discern the real 2.0ness of everything. Submit pictures, rate them and define the 2.0 with the community.
How It Works: has many different categories such as; objects, humans, animals, countries, food, and houses. You rate these things out of 5 stars and you can comment on the 2.0ness. You can search for items by category or tag. Take a look and see which country is considered the most 2.0. You can browse the site all you want but if you want to be able to comment, vote, and add your own items to be voted on you must be a user. To submit an item you need to upload an image, then the community will rate its 2.0ness and make comments. Go have fun and see which people and places are considered the most 2.0.
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